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Thank You

It’s hard not to be excited when folks say nice things about you, and the 4 Chicks are no exception. Please indulge us as we share some of the kind words people have sent our way!  A very heart-felt thank you to all who take the time to write to us.


“Dear Mary Fran, Robyn, Kathy, and Kristin,

Thank you ALL so very, very much for your amazingly kind words! I listened to this first thing this morning and to say that it filled me with gratitude would be an immense understatement! Your personal and business stories inspired me and it’s obvious that all four of you are the very embodiments of “Everything Go-Giver.” Thank you for being such shining examples! And, thank you for the way you’ve totally supported the launch of John David Mann’s and my newest book in the series. Mere words on my part are not sufficient to express how much I appreciate the “4 Chicks Chatting” both as a group and as individuals!”
Best regards,
Bob Burg

“Congratulations and best wishes to these four women as they begin this new adventure together. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and look forward to more. It was comforting to know that yet even with all their success they still have some of the same insecurities/fears that so many other women come face to face with. Their success along with the way they have overcome adversity/fears will hopefully inspire many others women to take that leap of faith they have been avoiding. I like this tribe 😉 and their uplifting and positive outlook they share along with encouraging others to make a difference.”
–On iTunes, by Auto5

“When you listen to the chicks you get the sense that you have been invited into a group of women who have your best intentions in mind. They are as authentic as they are caring as they are crazy.”
–Dr. Jennifer Gardella

“What’s better than one voice ? Four voices ! Different reflections lead to better discussion and a better listening experience. Can’t wait to hear more !”
–On iTunes, by miche101

“Loved hearing the banter back and forth and the ups and downs. And realizing that all women go through this roller coaster of life and we need to support each other. Looking forward to more episodes.”
–Denice Whiteley

“I love the information exchange and to hear how honest they are about the obstacles they face in their businesses, just like everyone else. Keep it real, ladies!”
–On iTunes, by AnotherArtGirl

“Everything the 4 chicks chat about are topics every woman, especially those of us in business, can relate to. The vulnerability shared helps all of us feel less alone in our journey, and they’re funny as hell! Congrats on the launch of your new endeavor, ladies!”
–On iTunes, by SocialChicy

“I am so glad I found this podcast. It is amazing to hear professional women supporting each other by sharing their professional experiences. You can tell that these women really enjoy collaborating! It is comforting to know that other women are experiencing the same struggles and joys as you are in their careers.”
–On iTunes, by mvalian

“Your podcast was great – felt like the type of conversations with my work girls, comfortable, fun to listen to. Sounds like lots of fun personalities in your group. You did great!”
–On iTunes, Liz, Illinois

“Wasn’t sure if I would relate to the Chicks, as I’m not an entrepreneur, but I was wrong. The ladies are very relatable whether you are working for the man, working in the home, or working for yourself! I listen while at work and find myself smiling and laughing out loud while hearing their stories. They have a very comfortable way of relating to one another that draws you in! If you haven’t listened, give them a try; I think you’ll be glad you did!”
–On iTunes, Swatchick

“Research shows that laughing reduces stress hormones, leaving a person more relaxed and open to learning. Obviously, the Chicks did their homework!!!! While showering their listeners with their humor and wit one minute, they are imparting wonderful wisdom that is easily relatable and absorbed the next moment. If you’re in business or thinking about starting your own business, put down the dry and boring and tune into 4 Chicks Chatting! Thanks, ladies; I’ve enjoyed every episode!”
–On iTunes, Health Yourself Coaching



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