Episode 031: But It’s Tradition! What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Ah, tradition. The holidays are all about traditions–loved or…not. Listen in to the 4 Chicks to hear about our holiday traditions. And share some of yours!



Resources for This Show:

  • Clark Griswold
  • The Grinch
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. If it’s fun–do it!
  2. If it’s not fun–don’t!
  3. Get help putting up the monstrous 15-foot tree!
  4. Enjoy every moment of the Holiday Season!

Show Notes:

Yeah…not this week. Just a fun episode talking about what the 4 Chicks do during the Holiday Season. Enjoy!!

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Episode 030: Be Your Own Hero!

Every fairy tale has a hero–the victor in the fight, the winner. But heroes aren’t just for fairy tales. Tune in to the 4 Chicks and learn how to be the hero in your own story!



Resources for this Show:

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. Start your “Hero Journey” instead of a “Victim Saga.”
  2. Every hero suffers. Be an “Overcomer.”
  3. “You’ve always had the power, Dorothy.”
  4. Tell your own story; be your own hero.

Show Notes:

0:56 Robyn read Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face. The author listens to her favorite song on a run and its message really aligns with Robyn’s book. 

2:07 As a young girl were taught to wait for hero to sweep us away.

3:30 For our daughters – not everyone can understand your unique message. 

4:10 Kristin started year long “ hero journey”instead of the “victim saga.”

5:30 What if you became the hero for others? Who’s watching?

6:08 MFB shares Lewis Howe’s quote: “On every hero or heroine’s journey, the hero gets lost. The hero nearly dies. The hero wants to give up.”

6:50 Every victim can be a hero. Time to change the mindset. It’s a choice.

Every victim can be a hero. It's a choice. #women #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo @LewisHowes Click To Tweet

7:57 Every hero is an Overcomer of something. It’s a process. 

8:21 Kath likes quote from Vironika Tugaleva. “What if no one is coming? What if the savior has to be you?”

9:04 You’ve always had the power Dorothy. 

9:48 Wait for MaryFran in the Glinda costume!

10:40 “Plant your own garden instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”

Plant your own garden instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. #women #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

11:48 Acknowledge and appreciate your accomplishments as hero moments. It doesn’t have to always be big moments. 

13:15 When you decide you’re the hero – see the positive. Kristin describes her hotel from hell. Find the silver lining. 

15:57 Are we answering the call to be a hero or not?

16:44 “Go Get It” says our dear friend Chip Baker. 

17:00 Look at your mentors as heroes. 

18:12 What do you want other’s to see you as? Then model your behaviors to become that person.

19:00 We can get propelled by others. Getting the energy to continue this journey. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. 

20:20 Keep it real. Your journey is unique – don’t try to copy one from someone else. 

Keep it real. Your journey is unique. Go get it. #women #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo @ChipBakerTSC Click To Tweet

23:07 Be your own hero. What do you want your story to be?

Squirrel Brain Roundup!

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Episode 029: Finish the Year Strong!

It’s the Holiday Season–which for too many of us means shiny object syndrome kicks in, in full force. We’re distracted by glittery decorations, the busyness of the season, and cookies! Tune into the 4 Chicks to learn how to finish the year strong and start 2019 with a plan to hit the ground running!



Resources for this Show:

Rachel Hollis–4 Things That Doubled My Business
Simon Sinek–Start with Why
Mel Robbins–Take Five
Seth Godin–Does it matter?
HubSpot–CRM (Customer Relations Management) Tool
Kathy Marcino–Evaluating your blind spots

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

Initiate your New Year’s evaluation of work/life now!
What worked, what didn’t, why?
How did your “blind spots” affect your business?
Utilize tools in tune with your learning style to plan

Show Notes:

01:00 Rachel Hollis–Don’t wait for the New Year to plan–do it now

02:12  Tryptophan coma–guard against holiday inertia

Guard against holiday shiny object syndrome and finish your year strong! Tune in to learn how! #women #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

03:27 Kath is a grumpy cat on a cleanse–go into New Year feeling better

06:30 Reflect–What worked/didn’t/why

07:30 How do you want the New Year to look?

09:24 Be aware of the ebbs and flows of your business year

10:10 Simon Sinek–It’s about the Why

10:40 Mel Robbins–Make your “To-Do” list and highlight your top three

11:50 How do you categorize your musts?

12:54 Seth Godin–Does what you’re doing matter? Would people miss it?

15:00 Kathy may eat glass

16:46 Evaluate your blind spots to see how they affected your business

How have your blind spots affected your business--Evaluate when planning for the New Year! #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

18:05 A moment in Kristin’s brain

19:00-21:38 Different learning styles and tools: Google Drive, paper planner, Google Calendar, HubSpot

21:50 Squirrel Brain Roundup:

23:40 Stayed tuned for our 2019 guests!

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Episode 028: Don’t Make Me Mad! The Power of Women’s Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion. And when women use it, stuff gets done!Tune into the 4 Chicks to learn how to make anger work for you!



Resources for This Show:

Soraya ChemalyRage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger
Mel Robbins–Speaker, Author–The Five Second Rule
Abby Wambach–Barnard Commencement Speech

4 chicks Brilliance Bombs:

Rage is one of the most important resources we have.
Regardless of the cause, use anger as fuel for change.
Claim your anger and your power–respectfully!
Fight or flight–sometimes we fight!

Show Notes:

00:56 MFB has an angry elf in her family!

01:08 Soraya Chemaly–Rage Becomes Her

01:39 Our rage is one of the most important resources we have.

02:18 Is anger related to sadness, Kathy asks?

02:52 Anger arises from injustice.

06:12 Tune into the “We gotta change this!” anger

06:35 Mel Robbins–It’s a choice to let emotions influence your actions.

08:30 Women got the vote because they got angry.

09:20 Mel Robbins again–5,4,3,2,1

10:10 Anger associated with deprivation

10:35 Assertive vs Aggressive

11:40 Anger as tenacity–Kristin

12:50 “Anger is the demand of accountability” Soraya Chemaly

14:30 “Anger is an assertion of rights and worth.” Soraya Chemaly

Anger is the assertion of rights and worth--Soraya Chemaly. Thanks for the wisdom! #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur #getangry @schemaly @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

17:50 Anger comes from feeling powerless.

18:30 Why am I not achieving? Use the energy of frustration to be productive.

20:00 Fight or flight? Maybe pick fight!

Are you angry? Ready for fight or flight? Sometimes, we need to pick fight! #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

20:30 Abby Wambach–Barnard Commencement Speech

23:00 Light the fire within you for change. Use your rage as fuel.

Light the fire within you; use anger as fuel for change! #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur #getangry @schemaly @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

24:00 Squirrel Brain Roundup!



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Episode 027: How Do You Eat Oreos? Fun Ice Breakers For You!

This week, the 4 Chicks are landing on the lighter side of life with an episode on Ice Breakers! With the holiday season upon us, we’re all sure to find ourselves meeting folks for the first time. What are some fun, silly ice breakers you can use to get the conversation started? And while we’re at it, how DO you eat your Oreos?!



Resources for this Show:

The 4 Chicks. That’s it for this week, because we’re overwhelmed with Thanksgiving!
Oh, OK–a bunch of movies, too.
And The Green Parrot in Newtown, PA. We love that place!

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. Use fun ice breakers to meet new people!
  2. What’s on your bucket list?
  3. A good compliment always works!
  4. Make the connection personal, so the person feels noticed.

Show Notes:

Easy-peasy this week, with no time marks because I’m just too busy! But here are some highlights and Tweetable quotes!

When meeting new people, keep your Ice Breakers light and fun!

When meeting new people, keep ice breakers light and fun! What's your favorite movie? What's on your bucket list? Movie lines! Meet with a smile! #motivation #womeninbusiness #empowerment #inspired #womenleaders #women… Click To Tweet

4 Chicks Ice Breakers:

How do you eat an Oreo?
What’s on your bucket list?
Boxers or Briefs? (Kidding, people, kidding!)
Favorite movie? Movie lines.
Song lyrics
Talk to the speakers at events–they like it, too!

4 Chicks Ice Breakers: How do you eat an Oreo? What's on your bucket list? Boxers or Briefs? (Kidding, people, kidding!) Favorite movie? Movie lines. Song lyrics Talk to the speakers at events--they like it, too! #motivation… Click To Tweet

How the 4 Chicks eat our Oreos:

Kathy–Dips it in Nutella
MFB–Dipper in cold milk
Kristin–Just inhales it
Robyn–Pulls it apart

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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Episode 026: We’ve Put it Off, But It’s Time to Talk Procrastination!

How many tasks on your “To Do” list fall into the “I’ll get to it later,” category? Except that later never arrives. We come up with a million reasons to procrastinate, but the ending’s always the same–we’re frustrated, irritated and feel like failures. Tune in to the 4 Chicks and learn why sometimes putting things off is exactly the way to increase your productivity!

Resources for this Show:

Psychology Today–Why procrastination can be good
Medium–Content Platform
James Clear–Atomic Habits
Meatloaf-“Paradise By the Dashboard Light”

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. Use Procrastination to determine where your strengths are.
  2. Use Procrastination to naturally weed out unnecessary tasks.
  3. Active Procrastination can be a tool.
  4. If you’re procrastinating because you can do something, get help!
  • Show Notes:

0:35 When Procrastination can be a good thing

1:48 Who can compare with ProKristination?

1:40 MFB Psychology today link –Unnecessary tasks can disappear

2:18 Time to do some “weeding” of priorities

3:25 Kristin shares her successful schedule

3:49 Kath becomes a Medium member  and finds great book James Clear, Atomic Habits   “Creating a Gateway Habit”

6:09 MFB “Procrastination makes for better decisions when you make the time to think.”Procrastination makes for better decisions when you make the time to think. #motivation #womeninbusiness #empowerment #inspired #womenleaders #women #4chickschatting @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotos @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

7:26 Procrastination can also allow time required for more creativity

9:20 BSR (Brave Sir Robyn!) likes to set deadlines for projects. Sometimes waiting is better!

10:30 Use the Notes App on your phone to record ideas as they appear

11:15 Are you fueled by procrastination? #motivation #womeninbusiness #empowerment #inspired #womenleaders #women #4chickschatting @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotos @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet 

11:50 How procrastinating allows you to make better decisions for emotional situations “Let me sleep on it!” You remember the song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” Meatloaf!!! 

13:42 Trust the “Proscination” 

14:28 Are you too cautious? You may need more information before you make a decision.

15:20 What is “Active Procrastination?” Use it as a tool – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t act on it. Use Active Procrastination as a tool--if it doesn't feel right, don't act on it! #motivation #womeninbusiness #empowerment #inspired #womenleaders #women #4chickschatting @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotos @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

16:28 BSR: procrastination comes in 2 types – Benefit and hindrance

17:38 What’s really slowing you down? It may be time to find someone to help

18:52 Kath loses audio

Squirrel Brain Roundup!

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Episode 025: No One Cares About You–Yay!

Hard to believe, but you’re NOT the center of the universe. When we’re putting ourselves “out there,” it’s easy to think everyone is judging us. Then the fear sets in and we hold back–on our message, on being ourselves, on telling the world how amazing we are. Well guess what? No one is really thinking about you, which is great! Tune into the 4 Chicks to hear more!

Resources for this Show:

Gary Vaynerchuk
Brent Beshore, Forbes Magazine
Teddy Roosevelt, The man in the arena….
Jennifer Robinson, Purposeful Networking, FEMCity Philadelphia
Grant Baldwin, The Speaker Lab–Episode 200
Marcus Sheridan–Keynote Speaker
Wes Moore–Author
Jen Sincero

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

1. No one is thinking about you; embrace the freedom.
2. If you’re reaching enough people, you’re going to have haters.
3. Accept criticism only from those in your arena.
4. Don’t let fear keep you from sharing your brilliance.

Show Notes:

00:22 No one is thinking about you!

Sorry, but no one is thinking about you, which is great! Now go forth and live fearlessly! #motivation #womeninbusiness #empowerment #inspired #womenleaders #women #4chickschatting @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotos @kristinsmedley… Click To Tweet

00:51 Perception of judging leads to fear of putting yourself “out there.”

01:35 Use what you know as your vehicle for communication, Robyn says.

03:30 Gary Vaynerchuk–First year, no one watched his stuff. Take the time to experiment.

05:17 Go find an expert and get the tools you need.

05:52 Brent Beyshore, Forbes–You can live fearlessly

06:20 Mistakes show your authenticity

07:38 Teddy’s back!

08:24 MFB says, If you don’t have haters, you aren’t reaching enough people.

If you don't have haters, you aren't reaching enough people. #motivation #womeninbusiness #empowerment #inspired #womenleaders #women #4chickschatting @kristinsmedley @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotos @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

08:55 Even Jennifer Robinson has a hater!

11:40 Who are you talking to? Who is your avatar?

12:30 Grant Baldwin, Speaker Lab. Ignore the 5%.

13:29 All press is good press.

15:17 Kristin needs Genetics for Dummies

16:10 Where’s the truth in the criticism?

18:10 Work your brilliance and your authenticity.

21:00 “Don’t let people who don’t matter too much, matter too much.” Wes Moore

Don't let people who don't matter too much, matter too much.--Wes Moore #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #empower #inspire #motivation #women #4chickschatting @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotos @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

21:50 “Stop dissecting the lives of idiots.” Jen Sincero

25:00 Squirrel Brain Roundup

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Episode 024: Prioritizing–The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

You’re a woman, so everything is important, right? Someone always wants or needs something from you and there’s never enough time to get everything done. Tune in to find out how the 4 Chicks learn how to prioritize–is it urgent, important, or can it wait?

Resources for this Show:

Stephen Covey–Quotes
Tim Elmore
The Miracle Morning
Sid Caesar

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

Schedule your priorities, don’t prioritize your schedule.
Not everything has to shine in the kitchen; let it go!
Don’t become a “reactive” leader in your life. Be proactive.
Use Time Blocking to ensure your priorities get done.

Show Notes:

00.51 What does it really mean to prioritize?

1:27 Kath shares why the struggle is real

2:05 MFB blows our mind with a 75 cent SAT word “Cacophony” of noise

2:59 Robyn lives by Steven Covey quote: “The key is not to prioritize  what’s on your schedule. But to schedule your priorities.

3:37 What song is now Kristin’s mantra?

4:10 Are you a list maker?

4:40 What’s Kath’s first step with her clients that works EVERY time?

6:31 Time Suckers: When they can help with creativity

7:40 MFB quote: Tim Elmore  “What Produces The Greatest Results When I Do It?” “What is fulfilling?”

9:45 How can you put a dollar value on your time?

10:00 Tim Elmore: “Leaders start off well leading, but then become reactive.” It happens to ALL of us.

11:00 Kristin loving The Miracle Morning– creating the same pattern for every day 

12:30 Robyn talks about the power of Time Blocking

13:45 You may not always be able to schedule; but recognize the need to do it. MaryFran talks about how she deals with “writer’s block”

15:05 You can schedule BREAKS!

15:40 Some tools for keep you on track

17:30 How do you stay accountable when working alone? Find a partner (another human!) to hold you accountable. Download our PDF to find your tribe. https://4chickschatting.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/4CC-tip-sheet.pdf

19:50 Looking to start a chat? Connect with us on Facebook and we can help! https://www.facebook.com/4chickschatting/

20:25 Kristin sums it up “In between goals is a thing called LIFE that has to be lived and enjoyed”  Sid Caesar

Squirrel Brain Roundup: See our Brilliance Bombs!

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Episode 023: Trust the Process

The 4 Chicks are Philly girls, and we love the Sixers motto–Trust the Process! Tune in to hear how the Chicks use this mantra throughout work and life!

Resources from this Show:

Sam Hinkie–Originator of the Sixers’ motto, “Trust the Process.”
Lewis Howes–Podcast episode
Gary V (Vaynerchuck)
The Bible–“God will fight for you…” Exodus 14:14

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

Trust YOUR Process
Don’t be married to one specific outcome for the process
Plant the seed–Plant multiple seeds–take ACTION
Trust that you are enough–don’t be someone else when redefining yourself

Show Notes:

00:50 Sixers Sam Hinkie initiates the phrase, “Trust the process.”

01:50 Sixers use it to rebuild their team

02:38 It’s okay to fail

03:12 Work YOUR brilliance

03:27 Failure is a catalyst to success–Robyn

03:50 “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” Patience!

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit--Trust the process and have patience as you grow! @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotography @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo #brilliancebomb #4chickschatting #motivation #trusttheprocess… Click To Tweet

04:20 Allow for deviation and tweaking your process as you go–Kathy

06:05 Process itself is a journey; don’t get hung up on the goal.

09:50 The process is messy–hard to trust

10:50 Lewis Howes says, “Trust the process; it may not make sense now, but it will in the end.”

12:02 Gary V says, “Trust is on the rise because transparency is on the rise.”

13:06 Don’t be married to an outcome–Mary Fran

14:12 Pass the “Know, Like, Trust” test with your clients–Robyn

15:10 The process requires action–DO SOMETHING–Kristin

The process requires action--DO SOMETHING--Kristin Smedley @kmmdisc @rgrahamphotography @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo #brilliancebomb #4chickschatting #motivation #trusttheprocess #empower #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur Click To Tweet

16:26 Plan, do, move and take a leap of faith.

16:50 “God will fight for you; you need only be still.” Exodus 14:14

18:33 Redefinition–creating something new implies trust.

19:00 Women redefining life in the “What Now?” process

20:00 Visions, Values, Passion will create a plan for what’s next.

22:00 Squirrel Brain Roundup: See our Brilliance Bombs!

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Episode 022: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Are you a liar? Most of us are–especially because we lie to ourselves. Is it fear-based? Is it lack of confidence? Lying keeps us stuck. Tune into the 4 Chicks to discover how to move past the lies we tell ourselves!

Resources from this Show:

Rudyard Kipling
The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words–Mary Fran Bontempo
Brene Brown

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. The lies we tell ourselves keep us stuck and stunt our growth.
  2. Don’t say, “It’s FINE” when it ain’t!
  3. Focus on the hero’s journey, not the victim’s. Stop playing victim.
  4. Find the message in the mess.

Show Notes:

1:10 Rudyard Kipling Quote: “Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”

Quote: Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears. Rudyard Kipling #women #empowerment #womeninbusiness #inspiration #4chickschatting @4chickschatting, @kmmdisc, @rgrahamphotography, @maryfbontempo,… Click To Tweet

2:10 We all have an image of our place in this world – but are we comfortable?

2:40 “Why not?” are we lying to ourselves?

3:15 MaryFran tells a great story about lying grandchildren

4:20 Are we lying because of shame?

5:25 MaryFran’s ‘The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words’ Don’t say it’s FINE when it ain’t!

Don't say It's FINE when it ain't! #women #empowerment #womeninbusiness #inspiration #4chickschatting @4chickschatting, @kmmdisc, @rgrahamphotography, @maryfbontempo, @kristinsmedley Click To Tweet  

6:15 What “F” word is the biggest lie?

7:30 Robyn – What’s the impact of Social Media on our self-esteem, when we try to be something we’re not?

8:25 No more being the NICE GIRL!

9:07 Do we really deserve everything we want?

10:45 We ALL have a choice.

11:11 Kathy doesn’t believe in entitlement

11:55 Dave Bontempo created a great shirt–“Entitled to Nothing”

14:00 Let’s focus on the hero’s journey, not the victim’s –Kristin’s boys

16:28 Look at who surrounds you – are they helping or hurting?

17:00 Use your own experience and story to impact others – What’s your story?

18:05 Brene’ Brown’s husband sets her straight!

19:41 We’re all delusional

20:49 You are good ENOUGH!

21:39 Show yourself some grace

Show yourself some grace. You ARE good enough! #women #empowerment #womeninbusiness #inspiration #4chickschatting @4chickschatting, @kmmdisc, @rgrahamphotography, @maryfbontempo, @kristinsmedley Click To Tweet

22:44 Anyone remember Wayne’s World?

23:38 Find the message in the mess.

24:00 Morning Affirmations

25:00 Make the lie a good one

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