4 Chicks Creatives – Branding and Business Development

4 Chicks Creatives: Mary Fran Bontempo, Kristin Smedley, Robyn Graham, Kathy Marcino

Branding and Business Development

Branding and business development can be overwhelming, and often intimidating.  Many questions arise when considering a business or a brand:

Where should I begin?

How should I present myself?

What color scheme should I use?

How should I get the word out about my brand?

How do I use social media to market myself?

These are just a few of the questions that entrepreneurs and small business owners face moment when creating their brand and trying to start their new business, or improve an existing business.

Never Fear, the 4 Chicks Creatives Team is Here 

Kathy, Kristin, Mary Fran and Robyn have built their individual businesses from the ground up, created brands, revised their brands, designed their websites and learned how to blog, use social media for marketing, and LinkedIn for on-line networking.   Through their plethora of experiences, the 4 Chicks can help you create or revise your brand, create meaningful and powerful branding content for your website and social media posts, and will empower you to build your brand through knowledge that only they can provide.

Meet the 4 Chicks and Learn about Each of their Businesses

Brief bios are provided for each of the 4 Chicks on our About page.  In addition, you can follow the links below to learn more about each of our individual businesses, read our blog posts, and view our work and accomplishments.

Kathy Marcino

Kristin Smedley

Mary Fran Bontempo

Robyn Graham 

Unique expertise and business backgrounds have brought the 4 Chicks together to create 4 Chicks Creatives.  Our goal is to help other women begin new chapters in their lives, follow their passions and build brands. It is our mission to empower women to become confident, successful business women, public speakers, authors, and so much more.

To work with the 4 Chicks, please contact us through our contact page.

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