Episode 040: Super Chick, Kristin Smedley, and Her Book, “Thriving Blind!”

Super Chick, Kristin Smedley, set out to find inspiration for her two blind sons after being faced with their devastating diagnosis when they were each four months old. Her new book, “Thriving Blind,” does that and more by detailing amazing stories of individuals thriving without sight in a sighted world. Even sighted readers will find themselves empowered by these tales! Tune in as we discuss Kristin’s amazing journey and inspiring new book, available on Amazon!




Resources for This Show:

Kristin Smedley – www.kristinsmedley.com
Thriving Blind – The Book!
John Lee Dumas Entrepreneurs on Fire!

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. “Thriving Blind” is a MUST READ!
  2. Even if you self-publish your book, you can sign with a traditional publisher as you own your work.
  3. Make your choices about your life; don’t let life decide for you!
  4. Don’t limit others or yourself based solely on perception!

Show Notes:

Thriving Blind – Stories of real people achieving greatness without sight.

1:10. MFB gives her passionate review on the book.

2:35. Kristin shares her journey from 3rd grade teacher to #1 Release Amazon selling author.

3:32. Passion is what you need to take on something like this!

3:41. “This is the resource that I wish someone had handed to me on diagnosis day 19 and 15 years ago.” Kristin Smedley

5:08 Why choose Amazon as your Platform to self-publish?

5:56. “If you look for the more positive things, they will find you.”

If you look for the more positive things, they will find you. ~ Kristin Smedley #4ChicksChatting #podcasting #womeninspiringwomen @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

8:00. Self publishing is great when you do it right. It’s the quickest way to get information out there quickly.

11:38. Even if you self-publish, you can get picked up by larger houses. You own the rights.

12:48. You’ve go to be in it for the long haul. The writing is the easy part! The marketing is on you!

14:52. Outlining your book: Start with the objective? What is it that YOU know that you want your audience to know? What is the PROBLEM you’re trying to solve?

15:32. Tap into your tribe for feedback.

Tap into your tribe for feedback on any new project. #4ChicksChatting #podcasting #womeninspiringwomen @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

17:00. Anything that you do is part of YOUR brand.

17:46. John Lee Dumas – Create your avatar. Speak to THEM and stick to them.

Create your avatar. Speak to THEM and stick to them! ~ John Lee Dumas #4ChicksChatting #podcasting #womeninspiringwomen @fran_hauser @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo @johnleedumas Click To Tweet

20:40. This book should also be read by Human Resources and Recruiters in every organization.

22:17 “It’s the perception of blindness that’s screwing with the blind community”.

It’s the perception of blindness that’s screwing with the blind community, not blindness itself. ~ Kristin Smedley #4ChicksChatting #podcasting #womeninspiringwomen @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

22:30. Kirk Adams, CEO, Foundation for the Blind talks about the his struggle of interviewing as a blind person. The bias is hurting the applicants.

23:24. The sighted world is the problem for the blind community. Discrimination is at the forefront.

24:40. Interviewers should be blindfolded to eliminate bias.

27:07. The  13 people highlighted in the book range from a stay at home dad to a mountain climber.

28:34. “Make your choices about your life, don’t let your life decide what your choices are going to be.”

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34:40. #nosesweating makes a comeback.

35:50. This book not only serves the blind community,but the rest of the world as well on so many levels. Don’t Limit others or OURSELVES.

37:25. The Kristin Smedley factor: Every single chapter ends with the bright side. “You’ve got to find the silver lining “. Kristin’s mom.

38:38. The cover story is a testament of branding. The picture of “the eye”. It’s made from thumbprints of community supporters.

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