Episode 037: A Chick Chat with Superstar Coach and Entrepreneur, Stefanie Gass!

Did you ever meet someone who exudes energy, positivity and just really cool stuff? That’s Stefanie Gass, builder of businesses, motivator and coach who wants to get you over the goal line! Stef joins us as our 5th chick today, and it’s a conversation you don’t want to miss!



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Stefanie Gass–Our amazing 5th Chick!
PROMO!!!!!  https://30growthhacks.gr8.com/  Check out Stef’s tips to grow your following!!!
The Mompreneur Mastermind Show
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4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. Your passion should align with your brand and vision.
  2. Find your biggest obstacle and GET OVER IT!
  3. Have patience with yourself and your process.
  4. Always, always, keep it real!

Show Notes:

1:53 Stefanie shares what led her to coaching:

Started in Network Marketing

“Overnight Success is not really OVERNIGHT Success”

Overnight Success is not really overnight success. Thank you @StefanieGass! #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley… Click To Tweet

Sometimes you have to leap into the unknown!

5:33 MFB relates to her own experience as there “being another force” that guides you to where you’re meant to be.

6:02 “Do the next right thing”

7:16   One of Kristin’s favorite quotes from Stef: “If God calls us to the task, then he will qualify us for the job”

If God calls us to the task, then he will qualify us for the job~Stefanie Gass #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc… Click To Tweet

8:30   We are given gifts and the passion to do what we do

9:49   Why your passions should align with your brand & vision

11:12 Is this ALL you can do or are you holding yourself back too much?

1!30   Money follows passion

13:13 Kathy decides to leave the Podcast to follow her dream of becoming……..?

13:38 What are ways to “monetize” our passion?

14:01 Stefanie shows us ‘Live” what a working Mompreneur really means

17:00 Stefanie shares her 3 tiers of aligning your passion and creating value–specifically online

19:00 Ever stare at a program, get scared and tried and hide from it?

21:00 What’s the biggest obstacle to get over?

Find your biggest obstacle and GET OVER IT! #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo @StefanieGass Click To Tweet

22:19 Have patience with the process

23:39   Just SHOW UP –today can be the today

Just SHOW UP – today can be the today! #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo @StefanieGass Click To Tweet

24:07   What’s Stef’s secret to getting it all done?

28:00   Kristin has a new bestie!

30:00   Prioritizing doesn’t have to be a dirty word!

31:11   Kathy reminds us to ‘put our own mask on first’

33:33 Steph’s tips when you’re starting a new business

36:00 What’s the #1 way to sell stuff online?

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