Episode 034: 8 Before 8 for the Win!

It’s a given that being up and productive early in the morning can get your day off to a great start.  But what does that mean, particularly if you don’t feel like a morning person? Tune in today as the 4 Chicks discover 8 easy steps to do before 8 AM to get you motivated and moving! Oh, and don’t forget the coffee!



Resources for This Show:

Benjamin Hardy: 8 Things Every Person Should do Before 8 AM
Mel Robbins
John Lee Dumas
Mala beads
Michael Hyatt–Full Focus Planner

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. Get your 7+ hours of sleep and DO NOT HIT SNOOZE!
  2. Set intentions for your day through prayer, meditation and journaling.
  3. Have COURAGE for 20 seconds a day and change your life!
  4. Exercise your WILLPOWER and do the hard stuff early!

Show Notes:

1:10  8 Habits to adopt before 8 AM–Benjamin Hardy 

  1. Get 7 PLUS hours of sleep
  2. Prayer & Meditation
  3. Write in Your Journal
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Act Courageous — MFB’s favorite
  6. Listen to, and/or read uplifting content
  7. Do ONE thing toward your long term goals
  8. Invest in your KEY relationships

1:58  Mel Robbins: Do not hit SNOOZE! Is it the devil?

2:57  How much sleep do YOU need?

3:20  Robyn: How does lack of sleep affect your creativity?

4:30  Do you find yourself of a night person when you have kiddos?

5:10  Kristin is a MORNING MANIAC

5:35  What does John Lee Dumas do to stay awake and alert?

7:00  Mediating is hard for MaryFran & Kathy. Kristin uses Mala beads with her Intention –LIFE CHANGER

8:10  Mindset Reset –Mel Robbins

9:30  Written intentions are more likely to happen

10:40 What’s your exercise routine? Can you multitask?

12:45 Exercise is Robyn’s therapy

13:36 Being courageous 20 seconds a day can be a life CHANGER
Send the email
Hit publish
Make the phone call

Being courageous 20 seconds a day can be a life CHANGER. Send the email, Hit publish, Make the phone call. #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation… Click To Tweet

15:15 Stop waiting till everything is perfect. Are we too afraid of being judged?

16:50 “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”  Mark Twain 

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. ~ Mary Twain #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley… Click To Tweet

18:03 Does People magazine count as educational?

18:40  Kathy doesn’t work for Lifetime, but she should. Take time to rest your brain

21:03  Willpower is like a muscle that depletes when not exercised. Do the HARD stuff first thing in the morning.

Willpower is like a muscle that depletes when not exercised. Do the HARD stuff first thing in the morning. #engage #excite #empower #4chickschatting #women #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #womenleaders #inspire #motivation… Click To Tweet

21:30  Kristin uses the Michael Hyatt 90 day Planner 

22:33  Make the investment in your KEY relationships – professional and personal

24:00 What is Kathy doing at 11:30pm?!

24:15 Squirrel Brain Roundup!

And finally: 

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