Episode 032: I Hereby Resolve to…What?

Yes, it’s a New Year, which means we set all kinds of goals, some possible, some not, to be better, kinder (eh, maybe), more productive, etc., etc. Tune in to hear what the 4 Chicks think of the resolution thing and what we’re doing about it!



Resources for This Show:

Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner
Natalie Mac Neil–She Takes on the World/Conquer Club
Nick Foles–Philadelphia Eagles

4 Chicks Brilliance Bombs:

  1. Just make the next right decision.
  2. Find out what works for you.
  3. Be Bold and Fearless.
  4. Don’t punish yourself; life will do that enough!

Show Notes:

00:50 Resolutions: Kathy makes ’em and brakes ’em!

01:08 MFB scales back & tries to be have less guilt.

02:14 Kristin loves resolutions & Setting Extraordinary Expectations!

03:19 Aaaaahhhh!!! The Plank Challenge!

04:15 BSR prefers yearly goals.

05:16 Kathy asks, “What works for you?”

06:15 Vision board helped Kristin move towards goals.

06:40 Write it down!

07:50 Make the next decision to lead you forward.

Resolutions/Shmesolutions! Just make the next right decision to move you forward! #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

09:26 Michael Hyattt’s 90-day planner

09:45 Natalie MacNeil‘s 2-week sprints & the Conquer Club

11:30 Mommy Reboot says, “This is my last year of tolerating less than I deserve!

11:55 Get a mantra.

12:20 Nick Foles prays to live boldly & fearlessly in the moment.

13:16 Waiting out the seasons–have patience and observe

14:38 Be ready even if you’re not on the front line.

Be ready even if you're not yet on the front line. #women #motivation #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

14:55 Word of the year for Kathy–Transformation

16:00 Don’t worry about the “thing” of the moment.

16:30 Kristin’s word–Extraordinary! Outside of what others’ expect.

18:50 Self-care–Allow yourself to walk away

20:00 Build your escapes into your self-care.

20:51 Ellen by April!

21:15 Squirrel Brain Roundup!

22:50 Don’t punish yourself; reward yourself whenever you can!

Don't punish yourself; life will do that enough. #motivation #women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #entrepreneur @rgrahamphotos @kmmdisc @kristinsmedley @maryfbontempo Click To Tweet

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